Entry #2

My graduation film from over a third of my life ago!

2018-01-18 13:56:02 by FelixMassie

Thanks to the incredible advances in technology that have occurred over the last decade, I've decided to post some of my old animations that I couldn't post at the time up on Newgrounds!


After spending much of my teens animating crude stickmen videos I went to university for three years where I honed my skills to make a slightly less crude stickman animation. Here is 'Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight' from way back in 2007. Hope you enjoy it :)


This is Keith Reynolds and today is promotion day. Having worked at the company eight years he is the most senior Junior Business Analyst in the building. He’s been waiting for this day for a very long time.


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2018-01-24 15:00:05

Hey I thought that was really good! I'm surprised I didn't see this earlier 'cause I also really liked christopher gray back when that came out. Glad you're uploading stuff to NG, got anything new in the works?

FelixMassie responds:

Thanks! I'm working on some rebooted icantcolourin animations (the stickmen with horrible things happening to them in boxes!) and also sloooowly on a new film that's got dialogue again... but they always take so long!

Am uploading all my stuff I haven't already uploaded in the coming weeks though so look out for them and I hope you like those too!